Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Actually, before taking part in any tours for vacations, you usually do not know clearly which items you should carry and what activities you can experience when coming to your traveling spots. Similarly, you can have the same anxiety while visiting Western Region in Vietnam.

This place offers a wide range of gentle features, moderate temperature, numerous green plants available every season. In order to enjoy a wonderful trip to this interesting area, you should take all tips below into consideration.

1 – Private backpacks

Western Region is an interesting destination with moderate seasons with a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, there is no need for you to carry many thick outfits or coats. You do not stay in the chili place. Whereas, in contrast, you had better prepare comfortable clothes together with a cool coat in order to prevent the harmful beams of the sun.

Moreover, the special terrain in this area makes is undesirable for wearing the valuable or bright-colored accessories . One explanation is that you hardly protect the safety of your clothes while joining in activities in mekong delta tour.


Actually, you cannot wear the outfits too short and sexy if you want to visit Vietnamese pagodas. According to Asian cultures, entering the worships areas with these clothes is an impolite action.

Also, you should well prepare a broad brim, sunglass, clothes for bath, protective items for both feet and hands, special liquids for keeping insects away. In addition to, remember to bring your pocket camera and the reserve cells whenever traveling. Continue with reading