How Does The Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator Work?

Employers can define their annual leave years during which employees are allowed to use their allocated annual leaves under the leave year system. Not all new employees start their employment at the same time.

You can calculate holiday entitlement for employees who start partway through an annual leave entitlement calculator, depending on how long the leave year is remaining. To manage employee leave entitlements, you can also buy an annual leave entitlement calculator via

Example: A worker who works five days a week enters your employment three months before your leave year ends. Their holiday entitlement is 28.

28 / 12×9 remaining months = This employee has 21 days of holiday entitlement.

What does holiday accrual mean?

The holiday accrual system does exactly what it says. Each month an employee works, 1/12 of his holiday entitlement is accrued. Employers can use the accrual system under the Working Time Regulations 1998 to determine how many holidays leave a worker has earned in their first year of employment.

If a worker works five days per week, and you have been employed for six months, your holiday entitlement is 28.

28 Days / 12×6 = 14 Days of Annual Leave for the 6 Months they worked for you.

Workers who have been subjected to an accrual system in the second year will be eligible for all their holiday allowances on the first day.

How can you calculate holiday entitlement for new starters

The process of calculating holiday entitlements for new employees or those who have left the company is relatively straightforward. The details of how you calculate holiday entitlement for new starters or leavers will depend on your company’s employment contract.

This can be calculated either monthly, as described above, or by the number of working days left in the holiday year.