A Quick Introduction To City Pop Legend Tatsuro Yamashita

The most surprising trend in internet subculture in the past decade was the revival of City Pop, a subgenre that was popular from the late 70s to mid-1980s Jpop that has a strong Jazz Fusion influence.

At the height of his career, Tatsuro Yamashita was one of the most popular artists in Japan and is still a household name in America, but Tatsuro Yamashita has gotten another chance to be one of the most prominent people in the City Pop revival. You can know more about Tatsuro Yamashita Overseas reaction through sekaihonyaku.com/archives/category/music (also known as 山下達郎海外の反応 through sekaihonyaku.com/archives/category/music in the Japanese language).

Although it’s not like Yamashita has made a profit from his new fame and popularity but he’s busy being an iconic David Bowie majority within Japan. But, he’s probably got more fans from around the world than ever before and is even being sung by Tyler-The Creator on his Grammy Winning latest album ‘Igor’.

Yamashita has a lengthy and varied career that spans more than a dozen solo albums to their credit and numerous more that have been a part of collaborations with other artists whom he’s produced throughout the decades. In the early 1970s and has built up an extremely solid and constant discography.

If you’re discussing the album’s title track or the album it’s impossible to be wrong with the song titled “Ride Your wave which was composed by Tatsuro Yamashita. His debut album which reached the top spot on the Japanese Oricon charts, basically Japan’s version of The Billboard charts, Ride Your Time was the beginning of a new period of growth for his music artist. The track itself is a joy to behold, featuring one of his best choruses, wrapped in his trademark warm summer ambiance.