All About Pallet in Sydney

Pallets are made of wood, hardwood for CHEP pallets. Effective pallet control, including the use of standard operating procedures and fully trained personnel, is critical to maintaining accurate rental accounts and minimizing pallet losses and rental costs.

This also applies to many other types of rental equipment such as plastic boxes, production containers, and universal cubic containers. You can buy second-hand pallets by visiting this site at

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There are even some basic steps that can be taken to prevent loss of rented pallets and maintain cost limits: physically counting each pallet departing and arriving on-site, providing pallet documentation to accompany every shipment in and out, and keeping a pallet type diary and the quantities sent and received in daily and regular pallet inventory.

It's amazing how many businesses, large and small, fail to take the basic steps in pallet management. Some claim they don't have the time, others say they lack the necessary resources, while others simply admit they don't have enough trained / experienced staff.

Indeed, it is surprising how many companies fail to recognize their pallet rental invoices as a legal/serious expense to their business – while of course this is common and they receive clearing invoices for the significant percentage of lost or unregistered pallets that have been identified by the audit.

Many companies, especially larger ones, use full-time palette controllers to manage all aspects of their accounts. Even with this luxury, it is important for the person playing this role to have the full support and understanding of those around him and even more from management above.