Children’s Jewellery: Fun Alphabetical Gift Ideas

Children and teens will love fun alphabet jewelry. Each letter bead can be ordered individually for placement on sterling silver, or gold chain. 

You can find very pretty beads with sterling silver or golden edges that surround the letter of the alphabet in the middle. Bead jewelry is available in bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories that can be attached to beads. You can buy African bead jewellery online through

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Gift ideas for Alphabet Beads

Letter beads are high-quality jewelry pieces that can be bought one at a time. A new letter bead may be sent to the child now and again to remind them how much they are loved. 

These child-sized sterling silver and gold letter beads can be worn on a quality bracelet or necklace chain. The alphabet jewelry can be used as a teaching tool for children learning to spell and read. 

Parents can place their baby’s name on a quality bracelet and include it in their baby’s memory book. If the baby’s name can be known, it is possible to present the mother-to-be with an alphabet bead bracelet for her to wear until the time comes to put the jewelry in the baby keepsake container. As with all jewelry, jewelry beads can be presented in beautiful gift boxes or velvety bags.

Sometimes, the children’s alphabet letters beads in sterling silver and gold can be used as dangles to attach to wedding invitations or anniversary notices. In the same way as friendship bracelets, young people can also exchange jewelry letters. 

These jewelry designer beads letters can be used to create personalized messages that will delight all ages and for any gift-giving occasion. Online jewelers sell alphabet letters, beads, and chains for children.