Different Kinds Of Valves Features in Use Today

3 main types of valves, for industrial applications, commercial or housing used today, are ball valves, gate valves, and globe valves. If you know more about Stainless Steel Ball Valve, visit http://ecofittingvalve.com/

Valves Types

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Ball valve

The ball valve can work well even if they don’t manoeuvre for years. They also have a longer life. It consists of stainless steel, brass or chrome ball drilled, from one end to another. At the top of this ball, the ball is one lever, which only rotates for a quarter of a circle.

Water hence flows freely when the lever assumes this position. When the lever is rotated for a quarter of the turn so that it becomes perpendicular to the pipe, the opening of the ball is closed, and the fluid flow in the pipe will be blocked.

Gate valve

The gate valve, as the name suggests, is operated through the gate. The gate moves up and down, thus preventing or providing fluid flow. When the gate is at the lowest position, the water flow or liquid is blocked, and vice versa. The gate valve can have a “ride” rod, and through the stem position, you can conclude whether it is closed or open. However, they need smaller inspections to assess the flow of water, compared to ball valves.

Globe Valves.

The Globe valve is only designed in such a way that it can only limit fluid or water flow. They have wheels and one stem that resembles the gate valve rod. The stopper is attached to the stem, and the design provides to turn off the baffle. Baffle consists of 2 and a half walls, which have a design that provides a “Z” water flow pattern.