Four Important Questions About LED Light Therapy

Everyone wants to do their best LED Light Therapy can help you achieve this goal with skin treatments that can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, clear acne, and improve skin health. You can easily get more information about LED light therapy via

1. How does Eminence LED light therapy work?

Eminence LED is the most powerful LED skincare device. This system uses photo pulsation technology based on the principle that skin cells are photoreceptors, light is absorbed by color and light produces heat. The light transfers energy through the layers of the skin, increasing circulation, collagen production, and more.

2. How do you know Photo Ripple is working?

There are many studies that prove this. Thousands of spas and wellness centers have used LED lighting over the years and report excellent results for clients. Additionally, NASA has long been a proponent of photo pulsation as a proven method of bone regeneration for astronauts who have spent time in space.

3. How long does the treatment last?

The time and frequency of treatment depend on the age and condition of the skin. Each procedure takes 10-12 minutes. Six procedures are usually the optimal number needed for best results. Treatment can be done every 7-14 days. After the first six interventions, maintenance is recommended every 45 to 60 days.

4. Still sounds a bit scary. Is it dangerous?

Not all. LEDs are incoherent light, meaning they are scattered like light from an ordinary incandescent lamp. Since the energy is not directed in one direction, there is no risk of burns or scars.