Guide to Normal Delivery

It is best to have your baby delivered normally. Cesarean birth is an option for mothers who are afraid of giving birth normally.

Your baby will swallow certain bacteria if you give birth normally. This bacterium will help your baby grow. This bacterium can be called Lactobacillus. This bacterium can be found in your baby's birth canal after you give birth. 

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The baby will swallow the bacterium when he's pushed outside during delivery. This type of bacteria will not be swallowed if the baby is delivered via Cesarean section. The baby born normally may have a greater immune system than the baby born by Caesarean.

If you choose to give birth normally, this is the benefit your baby will get. The microbe will be formed from the bacterium that was swallowed later. This microbe will then be absorbed into the colon and multiply.

This bacterium is later used to kill the bad bacteria that have grown in the colon of the baby.

Lactobacillus can also prevent diarrhea and other harmful bacteria from entering your baby's body. The lack of microbes in the colon is what causes diarrhea in babies who drink formula milk.

If you must deliver your baby via Cesarean, here are some ways to help him build his immunity. Breastfeeding your baby is the key. Breastfeeding is very good for babies. Breastfeeding your baby should be done until he or she is six months old.