Helping Rescue Services Experts

We offer a holistic approach to international disaster aid. We are experienced first responders and can provide vital help to survivors. We then help people get the skills and tools they need to manage their recovery. You can opt for the sustainability programs services via

To ensure long-term success, our projects use local systems.

Host a collection box

Local shop-owners and pub-keepers can host collection boxes that are a great way to raise funds. As long as you keep up a regular swap schedule, they are almost maintenance-free. Please contact us if you have counter space that could be used for a donation container.


Corporate sponsors are welcome as well as the support of clubs and groups. You can refer to a wishlist of items that you would like to purchase, as well as other ways to support us.

Gift Aid

Donate to Gift Aid. If you fill out and return the Gift Aid Form (also at the bottom), the team may be able to collect additional income tax equivalent to the basic rate.

Give and Earn

You can make small, regular donations using a Banker's Standing Order or the Give as You Earn program operated by Charities Aid Foundation. Giving as you Earn will increase the donation's value by 10%.

It is difficult to keep ourselves financially healthy and afloat. Many of the activities are labor-intensive. Donating to us in these ways will help you do more than just put pennies in a box.