How to Purchase a Great Used BMW Car?

Are you looking for a second-hand BMW but don't know which direction to take? 

Here are some helpful tips to help you find the ideal used BMW.

1. Get an idea of what prices are before you take a look at the vehicle. This will let you know whether there's something wrong with the pre-owned BMW based on the price by itself. If the price seems too appealing to be true, it probably is. You can buy 'Certified used BMW cars' (also known as 'Gecertificeerde tweedehands BMW auto’s' in the Dutch Language).

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2. If the cost of the car is reasonable, and take a review of the vehicle. Conduct a thorough examination beginning in the car's trunk and ensuring that the toolkit is complete as it is supposed to be. 

3. Check when the engine last had a service to ensure that it is well maintained. BMW has powerful motors that last for at least 200,000 miles. Don't think about buying a second-hand BMW when the engine was repaired prior to the completion of 200k miles.

4. Take a close look at the interiors. Switch on the ignition and listen for clicking or tapping sounds emanating from the top of the hood. Once the engine has racked up to around 4000 RPMs, listen for whistling or squeaking sounds.

5. Older BMWs include mileage gauges to ensure that all gauges are functioning exactly as they should. Try out all the fancy controls and gadgets to check that they're working. They are likely to get worn out as cars age and are usually too costly to replace.

6. Once you've checked the items off of your list, try the new BMW and, ideally, with a skilled mechanic. If you're going it on your own, be sure the drive shaft doesn't move and nothing falls off during the drive.