Keeping Your Nail Polish Fresh

Nail polish is stored in a dark place so it doesn't change color. In addition, cold air slows down the air molecules. It is important to protect the nails from direct sunlight or in the dark. 

The original color can be changed by direct or indirect sunlight. Work in a spa with bright sunshine coming to the nail salon in the morning. You can buy the best nail varnish packs online.

Colored cotton candy should be replaced at least every two months. The customer will find the color unpleasant and it will turn yellow. Another thing is that a lot of people don't know how to clean the neck of a bottle. 

How do you clean the neck and inside of the bottle? You can clean the bottle as usual. Use a small nail polish remover on an absorbent paper towel to wipe it off each time you scrub your nails. 

You can also be careful when removing the brush from the bottle. You can wipe the paint off the brush as you remove it from the container. 

To thin the paint that is already thick, you can use paint thinner instead of paint remover. Paint remover can sometimes cause the paint to break faster and not dissolve properly. Beauty shop sells thinner nail polish. You can dilute nail polish by applying nail polish to your nails.