Landscaping Lighting Tips Every Homeowner Needs

Outdoor lighting is essential for enhancing beauty and security. Lighting your home's exterior can be used to highlight plants and trees you love.

The ease of landscape lighting kits that you can DIY has made it a common task for homeowners. It is easy to do, as there are many lighting options and detailed information online, you can visit this site 

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Here are some suggestions:

  • Your lights can be directed upward to add drama and ambiance to your front porch or home.
  • Solar landscape lighting is a great alternative to wiring. Solar lights are great for lighting flower gardens and paths. 
  • Make sure to have a timer that turns the lights on and off automatically. Timers should be placed in an easily accessible place. You will need to adjust your timer as the daylight hours change. 
  • Motion lights are essential for safety and security.
  • Light wattage for landscape lighting should not exceed 20W (preferably between 7 and 13 Watts).
  • To illuminate walkways and steps, add extra lighting. Our eyes take time to adjust from indoors to outdoors.
  • If your staircase is long, place lights along the sides and at the top and bottom. If the beam of one light is strong enough to illuminate all steps, two or three steps can be lit.
  • Avoid placing spotlights on your entrance. These will not only provide enough light but can also create a beam that makes it difficult to distinguish between steps.

I hope these suggestions will help you to make your place more elegant.