Learn All About D-Max Accessories

TJM introduced its range of accessories for Isuzu's new D-Max Ute in the market. The 3 technology programme with the maximum priority are security, suspension and canopies that can be found in an D-Max Ute. These can be accompanied by a variety of further accessories such as long-range gas tanks, underbody party plates and retrieval points.

Even though a prototype bull bar layout has lately attained sign-off. Though lots of preliminary work has been performed on the newest D-Max, in which it's been available since October 2019, ARB has been continuing its D-Max attachment advancement on Utes to make sure there are not any issues with the final item.

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All Isuzu's active security smarts come via double cameras mounted high in the windscreens. While Isuzu has said that gear such as bullbars and UHF antennas won't inhibit the performance of things such as autonomous emergency lane and braking keep assistance, ARB will nevertheless guarantee calibration of its gear on an Australian-delivered D-Max.

The new D-Max suspension will also get TJM treatment. This kit uses twin-tube dampers, but there is no word on whether a customized remote reservoir speed reducer will be adapted for new D-max. The TJM will also supply the usual ABS and Snorkels Aeroclasts canopy range, along with tailgate dampers, liners and new design roller cover.

TJM is one of the first aftermarket companies to release images and details about the reach of the accessories, with other suppliers to follow. ARB, the opposite key and Ironman 4×4 all have a range of each owned by Isuzu D-max Gear and new accessories coming soon. Being a popular choice for adventurers, you can be sure that many smaller style providers and boutiques will also issue a comprehensive series of gear and accessories for Isuzu D-Max.