Natural Sleep Remedies to Combat Sleep Deprivation

1. Air Purifiers – Do you suffer from allergies, have pets or smokers in the house, or live in a metropolitan area where pollution is high? Then using an air purifier may be a good solution for your sleep quality. In a 2010 Harvard study, it was discovered that higher levels of air pollution increased the risk of sleep-disordered breathing, low blood oxygen levels, and reduced quality of sleep.

2. Sleep in a Cooler Climate – Sleeping in an environment with a temperature between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit creates a "Thermo neutrality Zone" optimal for sleep. It's even been found that those suffering from insomnia have a higher body core temperature. If you need to cool your bedroom or even the surface you sleep on, there are some very easy options. You can buy sleep easy natural oil blend at various online sources.

3. Aromatherapy – For thousands of years cultures from around the world have used aromatherapy for a wide range of functions including reducing anxiety, easing depression, boosting energy, eliminating headaches, and inducing sleep. Essential Oils are highly concentrated liquids distilled from leaves, roots, petals, and seeds of plants. Some extracts, including Lavender, have shown to be beneficial for sleep. 

4. Light Therapy – Everyone has a natural sleep/wake cycle that tells their body when it is time to go to bed, or time to wake up. This internal clock is generally set to the exposure of bright light. However, in months where sunlight is limited, or if you are indoors all day, it is fairly easy to throw off this cycle. Light Therapy can mimic outdoor light and help adjust your circadian rhythm.

5. Go Organic – Do you have sensitive skin that causes itchiness or irritability in bed? Do you have concerns with flame retardant chemicals used in many mattresses? Do you suffer from allergies? Then you may consider sleeping on an organic mattress, and also utilizing organic pillows and sheets. An organic mattress uses all-natural materials, and its construction avoids the use of all glues and adhesives, while its natural design completely eliminates the need for fire-retardant chemicals or flame retardant barriers.