Popular Methods Of Teeth Whitening In Alexandria

Drinking red wine, tea, and coffee for years or smoking cigarettes can cause stains to build up on teeth. Teeth whitening removes these stains from your teeth making them appear whiter and lighter.

A beautiful white smile makes you look and feel more attractive. This article describes some of the most common forms of teeth whitening. You can get the best information about teeth whitening in Alexandria via https://galleriadentalalexandria.com/teeth-whitening-alexandria-va

 teeth whitening

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Bleach bowl to order

Kits are used for custom skin whitening and should be used at home regularly. Your dentist may prescribe a higher concentration of whitening gel, which can whiten teeth up to 6 colors. The kits are usually worn at certain times of the day between a week and two weeks.

Laser bleaching in surgery

Lightening is a popular method of surgery because it gives instant results. The protective dam protects the mouth and gums. The dentist then applies a strong peroxide gel directly to the teeth. This type of whitener can whiten teeth up to six colors.

Chore bleach

Whitening Chores use office and home teeth whitening kits. Casts are considered to be one of the strongest forms of tooth whitening available today. It is capable of whitening teeth more than other treatments listed on this page.