Solar Panels Producing Greener Energy and Free Electricity – Myths and Facts

This article will first dispel any myths about solar power and then remove any gloss from any talk of smooth sales for a company trying to sell its product. No manufacturer or installer will ever be biased in favor of their product and will not exaggerate the efficiency of solar power, nor mislead customers about their capabilities and actual results.

However, the one thing that the manufacturers and salespeople probably won't do, is to voluntarily describe the negatives and limitations of solar panels either.

Many homeowners believe that solar power can make a significant difference in their lives and reduce their energy bills. However, installing solar panels in Houston won't eliminate your dependence on the grid.

You can reduce or eliminate your dependence on electricity and gas utility suppliers. Solar power is not an alternative to electricity generation, nor a way to live 'off-grid. It is simply a method of reducing your electricity costs.

Many homeowners believe that solar energy will heat their homes during the winter months. It is almost impossible to do this. Just think about the times of the year when the days are the longest and coldest, and the Sun is at its lowest and weakest.

A typical home array of photovoltaic panels can produce 3900 watts (3.9kW) worth of usable energy. However, this figure is only possible under ideal conditions such as mid-summer when there is strong sunshine and no clouds. Even though photovoltaic panels can still produce impressive amounts of energy during cloudy days in the peak of summer, it is unlikely that they will produce 3900 watts every day.