Contemporary Abstract Canvas Art

Abstract wall art has become very popular nowadays and you will find more houses with abstract paintings in addition to other kinds in wall artwork. Abstract art is a visual language through lines and colors. 

Abstract canvas was synonymous with terms like non-representational, non-objective art and non-figurative art due the absence of restrictions and boundaries. Artists were free to experiment with various styles of painting non-pictorial canvas.

non-pictorial canvas

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The first artists who experimented with the modern style abstraction were first ridiculed for their unique painting techniques. 

Painters such as Matisse, Modigliani and Picasso were the ones to bear some of the criticism since they were the first group of artists to break free from traditional techniques of painting. Picasso used abstract techniques in his cubism painting.

The 20th century saw the emergence of fauvism, which was popular with artists who sought to employ colors that were not real, but they were extremely powerful. 

Colors that were strong were used to highlight certain emotions and send the message precisely, whether anger or fun. 

The modern abstract canvas wall art as well as the artists who paint it are influenced by the past masters of abstract art.Abstract paintings are more admired nowadays than they were in the past. 

There are many abstract art pieces in various styles that match your style and compliment the design of your home.