Online Casting – An Innovative Service From Casting Agencies

As you likely know if you're reading this guide, most of casting and model bureaus have their own online portfolio where companies can make a pre-selection or directly select the models and hostesses that meet their requirements. This means that companies must rely on the photos and the description written by the model and/or hostess herself. And, additionally, the issue is that the description does not always reflect the actual characteristics and attitudes of the model.

Now, thanks to the video conferencing service that the most important agencies for promotions have realized, companies can make a real online casting to evaluate in a deepest and better way the attitudes of models and hostesses they are interested in. Although the service is actually only provided by a very few web sites, it has already aroused widespread success both by the operators and the hostesses for promotions.

The video conferencing service has the fantastic benefit of decreasing overall expenses and the time required to make a casting.  Additionally, it provides the option to each of the model and hostesses to engage in casting without moving out of the nation of residence.

The service is mainly directed to those companies who have to accomplish a brochure, a catalogue and a web site. At the same time, it is also a useful service for companies who must select one or more hostesses to participate in an exhibition or a congress.