Can Pets Spread Bed Bugs?

It's vital to think about the role of pets in bedbug distribution and attraction as the epidemic is growing out of control. Bed Bugs can bite pets like dogs and cats. Are bed bugs allowed to be carried by pets? Do pets make homes more susceptible to bedbug infestations?

The good news is that bed bugs don't like pet food and pet waste. Bed Bugs only desire blood and will bite humans if they can get fluid through their fur. Bad news: Any warm-blooded animal in your home can attract bed bugs and spread them to places they wouldn't normally go.

You can almost guarantee that bed bugs will move to your bedroom if you do not take steps to prevent them from infesting it. For prevention; if you want to know what causes bed bugs  you can search this query online.

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Bedbugs will be drawn to areas where pets relax and congregate, such as your body heat or pheromones. 

This is bad news for you, but good news for your local pest controller. It can cost thousands to treat multiple rooms as well as one room. 

Do not make any mistakes. If human counterparts are not reachable by factors like pesticides or bed protection measures, bedbugs will still feed on animals. Bedbug bites are more likely to befall pets with scabs and bald spots caused by mite or flea irritations. 

Pesticides that are designed to repel bed bugs and kill them are not safe to use near animals. Cedar oil is the exception to this rule. Cedar oil can be applied to pet or human quarters and kills bedbugs upon contact. 

It is possible to save thousands on extermination costs by paying attention to details. You shouldn't abandon following the rules because you don't see or feel bites anymore.