Information about Ceiling Mounted Hoists

Mounting hoists to the ceiling is usually the preferred installation method when considering the manual handling of patients or disabled people. Hoists installed on the ceiling have several advantages compared to alternative appointment methods. You can consider the best ceiling hoist solutions at

Hoist ceilings do not eat floor space – users can operate independently – permanently fixed hoists available on the tracks installed on the ceiling – do not require 2 caregivers to operate, as is currently recommended when using cellular floor hoist – Ceiling Hoist Track can travel from room to room – Portable Hoist option is easy to use on tracking installed in other rooms – install the ceiling installed in hoists

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  • Configuration of Track Hoist Ceiling

There are several track layouts to choose from specified by appointment requirements indoors.

Straight Tracking – Straight track with 5 or 90 degrees of bends – Track system space to the room – XY or H tracking system – Turntable – intersection-y exchanger – Installation of semi-permanent walls –

Straight Tracking is the easiest to install and most cost-effective Hoisting ways, allow the user's basic lifting from position to position in a straight line. Adding curved parts to the trajectory allows the coverage of larger rooms and increased elevators and repositioning flexibility. For full room coverage, the XY system is needed. It involves two parts of the straight tracks set adjacent to each other on each side of the room with other tracks that join both. The XY Hoist track system allows the coverage of a full room and is an increasingly popular choice.

  • Fixed ceiling hoist features can include:

User features that can be programmed – Emergency stop and lower – battery and charging system – Return to the cost feature – Wireless Remote Control Available – Power Sharing Function for Turntable, Gate, and Exchanger