Electronic Sow Feeding Automatic Pig Feeding System

Electronic sow feeding systems typically provide one (or very few) sow feeding lines to accommodate a large number of sows (typically 30 to 50 sows per channel). Sows must be fed individually from the same station.

Electronically controlled feeders distribute a certain amount of feed and after which it is placed in the feed pan for a limited period.  To get more information about the direct fed microbials visit www.feedworks.com.au/direct-fed-microbials-for-poultry-5-key-attributes/

 direct fed microbials

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The front door remains locked for several minutes by leftover feed to ensure that other sows cannot enter. These machines usually work every day with a new feed distribution every 24 hours.

Since the farmer is not available when every pig is fed, the system must provide feedback to all the sows who are not eating the distribution every day.

This feedback takes the form of a care checklist that is easily accessible to the farmer at the end of each 24 hour cycle and can also be used to identify animals that may need additional care.

The ESF is a system for group pens that allows real control over individual feed intake. Once the pigs enter the machine for the first time, they supply the supervisor with electricity for the computer system.

This can determine the amount of feed a pig receives each day and its benefits during gestation. The system automatically adjusts to its diet and keeps your pigs in optimal physical condition.