Blocked Drains: How To Unblock A Stormwater In Auckland

If you're reading this, the opportunity is probably over! However, the following simple trick will greatly reduce the risk of future problems. Place a fine strainer with holes in every sink in the house. This will prevent larger, more intrusive debris from entering the drain. You can also take help from Storm Drain Cleaning Services in Auckland NZ online via

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While it's good to use cleaning products from time to time, using too much can be pungent and dangerous. For a more regular routine, simply pour boiling water over each sink during routine cleaning.

Be careful when pouring oil into the kitchen sink as it can easily harden again. Wait for it to harden to properly dispose of the trash, or – if absolutely necessary – wash it with plenty of cleaning fluid and hot water.

If you can see the blockage, you may be able to remove it with simple pliers.

Use chemicals to clean the drain. Use the plunger with a towel placed over the hole for a few minutes to prevent overflow. 

Remove the siphon under the sink and check for blockages. Place a bucket or large container underneath to collect any water that may be present. 

If you haven't identified the cause of the blockage, many professional plumbers may offer CCTV camera services. By plugging a camera into your line, they can quickly identify what's causing the problem and where saving you unnecessary maintenance. This is especially effective for more basic plumbing problems such as tree roots and clogged drains.