Book Self Publishing – A Way Out for Independent Minded Authors

Getting a good idea to write a book is the easy part. Writing it is way harder. But when you are done with your rational labor of love, publishing houses may refuse to play ball with you unless you give in to their demands. This is a real issue for independent-minded authors who do not want to compromise on their vision or their integrity. This is also where book self publishing scores.

If you want to know how to self publish a book, here's what the main pointers are. Firstly, you need to be aware of the fact that the nature of your book as well as the amount of time and financial resources you have will influence the direction that self-publishing takes for you. While writing your book, you need to be very clear about the nature of your target audience.

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This will develop important self-publishing steps such as deciding on the cover art for the book or the manner of its presentation. Selling a good product is easy. You need to be clear about whether your book has the potential to be a success. Once you have completed the manuscript, you need to choose a self-publishing option.

This can include offset printing or POD. You then need to hire an editor and a printer. Your book is meant to be for public consumption. Having another pair of eyes look at a manuscript can make a world of a difference. Copyeditors have the skill and capabilities to be able to detect any kind of grammatical errors, language inaccuracies, or punctuation problems.

They also have years of experience in coming up with the perfect edits for authors. Writers often lack the objectivity to edit their own books. Copyeditors can spot errors because they have been trained to do so. Editing is a very important part of the self-publishing process. Once the editing is over, you need to ascertain a cover price for your book. Choose a price that reflects the quality of the content and its value for the reader. Authors then need to set a date for publication of the book.