How to Become HVAC Certified

There are a variety of ways to get HVAC certification. The certification is received by passing an exam that is administered by one of several sources. Three types of certification are available – small appliances, low pressure, and high pressure.

After selecting one type, a core skills test is taken and after successfully passing this test, an exam is taken for the type of certification desired. For more details regarding certified hvac designer, you can browse the web.

If universal certification is desired, the core skills test for each type must be passed, and then the certification exam is taken and passed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and North American Technicians Excellence (NATE) offer certification and NATE offer national certification. The basics for certification from NATE require a minimum amount of work experience as well as passing an exam containing typical HVAC topics.

The Formal Apprenticeship

Often an apprenticeship is chosen by those who want to become HVAC certified. This includes work experience and classroom work. This is an option that allows the apprentice to get paid while working under the supervision of a certified technician. Additionally, they will receive the training necessary for certification. This is a major benefit, especially for those who did not choose this field early.

Trade Schools

Trade schools are another method of getting the training required to become HVAC certified. A trade school or vocational school curriculum can be completed within 6 months to 2 years. If subjects in high school were taken such as chemistry, math, electronics, and applied physics, this is beneficial for those who take HVAC training. The subjects covered in trade school will include design and construction, electronics, mechanical drawing and reading, installation, and the repair and maintenance of the systems.

Online Courses for HVAC Training

Becoming HVAC certified can also be accomplished by taking online courses. The major advantage of this method is working at a comfortable pace. The courses should have advanced training software as well as computer simulations as this method does not include the 'hands-on' training of other methods. The online course should also be from an accredited school. Ensuring the software used is up-to-date is another requirement. This allows the student to get the training required to pass the certification exam.