Choose Your Wine Glass Wisely To Enjoy Your Favorite Vintage

Everyone knows that wine tasting is not just about the taste. However, many people don't realize that the glass used to pour wine is as important as the wine it is.

A traditional wine glass has three main parts: the stem, the foot, and the bowl. These glasses are usually held by the stem while drinking white wine. This prevents heat transfer from the wine to your hand and keeps it at the right temperature. If you are also interested in buying wine glasses then you can visit and add beautiful new glasses to your collection.

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Red wines don't require the same consideration, as they are usually served at room temperature. Stemmed or stemless wine glasses are available for most reds. Clear glass is a common feature of good wine glasses. This allows you to see the true color of your wine. Blown glass is preferable to cut or fused glass, which can affect drinkability.

The following are some ways to characterize wine glasses:

Red Wine Glasses are round in shape and hold 12-24 oz. These glasses can be used to swirl the aroma to enjoy both color and aroma. Red wine glasses that are stemless or with no stems are very popular.

White Wine glasses typically hold 10-12 ounces and have straighter sides to maintain temperature. There are both stemmed and unstemmed types. The heat transfer from the hands can affect the wine's temperature, so it is important to use stemless white wine glasses. 

Sparkling Wine Glasses typically hold 8-12 ounces. These glasses are also known as champagne flutes. They have a narrow, narrow bowl, long stem, and narrow top. This shape preserves the sparkling nature of champagne.