All About Shopify Themes Designer

Shopify is a great way to start an online business. In fact, the e-commerce store owners who have started using it or those who have used it have been extremely successful in it. The business owners praise the platform due to its range of features. In this article, we would help you understand these features and will shed light on the need for hiring a themes designer. So, read the discussion and get capable of selling online.

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Features that make Shopify an excellent one:

The major features that might make you think of using are:

  1. Free Trial: One can try for 30 days free without hassles. In the trial period use of varied e-commerce Website templates within it can be chosen and used.
  2. Availability of e-commerce templates: There are 50 or more e-commerce templates available on the platform. By selecting a theme, customization of the store as per the look and feel of the business can be done.
  3. Requirement of no contract: Users of this platform do not have to go under a contract. There is a pay month-to-month basis system.
  4. Knowledge of coding not required: In this platform does not require knowledge of coding at all. Selection of templates can be done by simply clicking buttons.
  5. Processing of payment: Makes it possible to integrate Shopify for credit card gateway or PayPal.
  6. Using own domain: While users can use its domain, for long-term usage and better business building using your own domain can help. Shopify allows this activity to take place.
  7. Low Monthly Cost: Shopify has low monthly cost in comparison to other platforms.