What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning process is similar to how people usually wash clothes at home, except that the items to be cleaned not with water but with chemical solvents. 

A dry cleaner will examine items to stain and show them with the right kind of solution. There is a large steel basin with a hole which allows the engine to be mixed cleaning solution throughout the solution. For more information about dry cleaning services, you can check here now.

Dry Cleaning

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The basin rotates to remove dirt and cleaning solutions. Many dry-cleaning machines to incorporate parts of the washing and drying section. Once the clothes are cleaned, they are placed in the drying section so that the hot air can circulate and dry, removing any remaining solvent in the fabric.

Most companies charge per pound for washing and ironing your item for a minimal fee. Cost per piece varies by location, but $ 3 per pound and are expected to pay anywhere for complete service. Washing your stuff at home can save you money on iron alone.

Typically, the shirts cost from $ 1.50 to iron, with a slightly lower level for many items. Larger items such as curtains and blinds can range from $ 3 and up. Companies can charge more for goods with a pressing cloth or wrinkled fabrics such as linen, silk, and satin.