What Are The Benefits Of Kitting And Assembly Services For Business?

Assembly and kitting services compile all the individual parts of a product into a convenient kit, making it significantly easier to assemble your product in your production facility. Kitting assembly makes production simple, quick, and cost-effective.

Using kitting and assembly facilities provide many benefits, including cost savings, that make the production of your product easier and allow you to provide better service to your customers. 

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Faster Assembly:

By providing all of the necessary components in one kit, production can be done in one quick, streamlined process, instead of needing to wait for each individual part to be shipped and picked. Each kit is counted as one SKU, so your pick/pack costs are lowered.

More Accurate Shipping:

Shipping all of your components using assembly kitting provides a smaller chance for error than shipping each part individually. It also makes it possible to pre-print labels for the entire kit instead of weighing and labeling each component, further reducing the chance for error.

More Efficient Packaging:

Kitting solutions allow your parts to be shipped in one box that is customized to the size and weight of the parts, instead of shipping in several different, standard packages. This minimizes waste and also lowers shipping costs.

Running a small business can be costly, especially when it comes to packaging and shipping. Shipping individual packages become more expensive than packaging several items into one package.