Different Types Of Non-roll bamboo Paper Towels

The most commonly used type is the paper towel, a roll of perforated paper towel mounted on a cardboard rod slightly longer than the width of the roll. Most people think that bamboo paper towels are the only paper towels available, but there are actually many different types that are not available in rolls.

These non-rolling towels are marked with paper towel folds. These bamboo paper towels include foldable, reusable, Scottish, and single-fold towels. If you are searching for different types of bamboo paper towels, then you visit https://sheetglory.com/.

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But what are these types of bamboo rolls paper towels and how are they different?

A C-fold towel is a large towel measuring about 10" by 12" folded into about 10" by 4" in a "C" shape. Folding these larger towels makes distribution and storage easier and more convenient. These towels are put in a folded towel dispenser for distribution one at a time.

Reusable towels are paper towels that are shaped differently than folded towels and folded into 3 layers like an accordion. This single-ply towel measures approximately 9.2" by 9.4" then sheets. Reusable towels are available in white or natural (brown) paper. These large towels are thick, strong, and absorbent, so useless.

Disposable towels are paper towels that also fold in half, but are larger than Scottfold towels. These wipes can be filled into a dispenser, but are also available in single-dose pop-up boxes. These high-quality bamboo paper towels are thick, strong and absorbent. Disposable folding towels are also made from recycled content.