Protective Medical And PPE Masks

Selection of suitable PPE to adequately reduce hazards is important for laboratory safety. The purpose of this section is to provide resources to help researchers identify and classify the different types of PPEmasks so that appropriate safety measures can be taken when conducting research.

Proper insertion of PPE face masks and use are keys to a respirator's effectiveness. Therefore, EH&S requires anyone who believes that a breathing apparatus is required for one or more of his job assignments to contact EH&S. A workplace risk assessment is carried out to determine whether a respiratory protective mask is required for the task.

If the task does not require a breathing apparatus, but the employee wishes to use it, they must complete Appendix D of the Respiratory Protection Manual and return the bottom of the EH&S form. 

Some of them are concerning voluntary use of respiratory protective masks if this is not specified by the standard. If respiratory protection is required, employees will receive a medical assessment questionnaire and additional medical questionnaires listing the results of the risk assessment performed by EH&S. 

Forms must be provided to a contract doctor or licensed doctor who will conduct a confidential medical assessment to determine the employee's suitability for wearing a respirator.

If the employee is authorized to wear respiratory protective devices for the tasks specified in the risk assessment, a suitable respiratory protective device is selected and the employee is tested according to the recognized proficiency test protocol.