Choosing a Slurry Pump in Jacksonville

Pumps are the backbone of the process industry. In a processing factory, it is necessary to move material from one point to another. In keeping with the laws of thermodynamics, fluids move from an area of high pressure to low, and depending on the plant layout often requires the assistance of a pump to achieve this.

With many different pump types available, selecting the right pump can be tricky, especially when slurries are involved. This article will discuss some of the variables to consider when characterizing a slurry and selecting the suitable heavy duty slurry pumps in Jacksonville, FL for transporting those slurries in a plant.


The pumping of slurries can often lead to blockages or equipment failure. The job of the designer is to assess all the factors of each situation, including client and existing site preferences to design a system and select a pump that is robust enough to minimize blockages and makes maintenance for operators as easy as capital would permit whilst provide a safe system of work.

Before selecting the right pump, the first step is to determine the pressure drop requirements using the system characteristics. The parameters required are:

Slip Conditions – when the solid and carrier velocities differ significantly

Pipe Size – ensure the pipe ID is considerably bigger than the maximum particle size

Piping Design 

Static Head Requirements; and

Available NPSH.

The solid particle will play a crucial part in selecting the material of the wetted parts.