How To Replace Toilet In One Hour?

Replacing a toilet in your house is just a one-hour affair. If you have already bought a toilet after going through reviews of best toilets by consumer reports, then you can check out the following steps on how to replace your existing toilet easily.

  1. Get all the necessary tools, which include an adjustable wrench or standard wrench set with different sizes. Also, get a razor knife along with some towels for cleanup.
  2. Get the right sized toilet. The distance between mounting holes of the toilet tank and the wall should be enough to fit your new toilet. You will also need a bowl wax ring and mounting bolts for quick and efficient installation of the toilet.
  3. Now, remove the old toilet, but before that, shut off the water supply. Get rid of all the water present in the toilet tank. Disconnect the water supply line using a wrench. Use a screwdriver to unscrew all the nuts and bolts. Just keep in mind, you need to remove everything that is responsible for connecting your toilet with the wall.
  4. Now, replace the toilet by cleaning the flange where the old wax ring was present. Then, clean all the dirt and debris from the floor. Now, set the mounting bolts of the new toilet in the slots given on the floor flange. Place the toilet carefully over the mounting bolts in a downward motion.
  5. Now, mount the toilet tank by following the instructions given by the toilet manufacturer.