Are you qualified to work as an electrician?

A solid career is possible with hard work

Although the amount of training and dedication required to become a master residential electrician can seem overwhelming, the rewards will be well worth it. A master electrician is a job that requires:

  1. Two years of academic training at an accredited institution
  2. Passing a test to become an apprentice electrician
  3. Passing the state's master electrician exam for licensure

The journey is worth the effort if you are willing to work hard. In Floreat, Master electricians are second only outside linemen who have worked for power companies for many decades.

electrician in Floreat

Many people associate residential electrician training with electrician training. The majority of master electricians who work in residential areas are committed to the field after completing a few years' academic studies.

Outside linemen may be a good fit for people who love working outside. Each electric company has its own requirements regarding electrician training. Some companies offer training for individuals who want to be an outside linemen. An outside lineman job is very lucrative. It is often at the top of the salary scale for electricians.

However, the job of an outside lineman can be very dangerous and physically demanding. Outside linemen work with high-voltage wires. Their jobs involve strenuous activities like climbing power poles. 

The job requires that individuals work in all weather conditions and at all times of the day. Before you decide to take any kind of electrician training to become an exterior lineman, make sure you are up to the task.