Rodent Control in Melbourne: What You Need to Know This Winter

Have you ever wondered how homes end up with rodent infestations that seem uncontrollable because you thought it was impossible? Below is what you need to know this winter, including information about rodent behaviour, reducing the chances of rodents and what to do if you do find yourself with a rodent issue.

Rodents follow their primal instincts to survive. These are to find food, shelter, and somewhere to nest and breed. To be successful in achieving this, rodents will look for sources of food such as open packaging, cereals, rice, and pet food. Shelter can be found anywhere there is even a small opening including walls, ceilings, floorboards or even couches. Once these have been secured rodents will start breeding at an exponential rate, quickly getting out of hand.

To reduce the chances of a rodent infestation, any sources of food must be secured. Suggestions for this would be to ensure food is stored in airtight containers or with bag clips. Additionally, it is important to block any holes that can allow access into the house, including around the join between walls and the roof.

Lastly, if you do have an infestation and have completed the food and access control, you may want to consider engaging in a professional rodent control service. These can be located using a search engine and word of mouth. Professional services will identify sources of access and food, in addition to placing traps to lure and detain rodents.

The need to know the information to prevent and manage rodents in your home this winter include the elimination of sources of food, shelter and nesting opportunities. If you do, however, find yourself in the unfortunate position of having rodents, consider professional rodent control services as they will be well equipped to deal with your problem.