Start Your Rental Salon?

Chair rental has become so popular that an estimated 70% of salons follow the business model. What makes this rental booth stand so popular and why is it growing so fast despite being watched a lot in the industry? Having your own salon booth rental space has advantages over traditional methods of doing business. Some of them are listed here.

guide to salon booth rentals

1. When you rent a chair in your salon, you become the landlord, not the employer. So you collect your rent every month according to the stand rental agreement you have with your tenants. Likewise, if you decide to sell your salon in a booth for rent, the buyer should only be occupied with the same task… collecting rent! You won't bother transferring all rights to your employees and all this crap!

2. Your booth tenants manage their games. You no longer have to schedule meal breaks for your stylist. You will no longer feel guilty or even resented by your stylist for not being able to eat lunch because you were too busy with clients. Whatever the stylist's decision, he or she must pay you the salon rental according to the stand rental agreement at the end of the month.

3. You don't have to worry about paying your stylist overtime or paying a late dinner allowance. With this chair rental model, stylists can choose to work as long or as little as they want. You can even choose to only come when you have appointments with your clients. 

4. You do not need to keep records of your employees such as salary data, schedules, receipts, and other records. This alone will remove a lot of clutter from your office or wherever you store it. This not only reduces clutter, but it also reduces the load on your shoulders when solo stylists manage their panels.


Get Barbershop Rental Services

When a girl wants to get a haircut, she goes to a beauty or hair salon, as well as other female residents. But what if a man needs a haircut, where can he go? Younger men and teens can go to hair salons like women, but men can also visit barber rental shops for their own needs. It is true that men's hairstyles can be obtained from both hairdressers and barber shops, but men who feel too feminine to have their hair cut at the salon can take advantage of hairdressers.

6 Salon

In this modern era, most men are not fans of hair salons. But the barbershop was a hit in the 1880s and 1940s. During these days, men visit the barbershop once a week or even once a day. The reason is, a barbershop is not just a place to cut and shave hair, but also a place to chat and be friendly. In this golden age, hairdressers worked in luxurious and stunning workplaces. At that time, the barbershop had a marble top lined with colored glass bottles. 

The hairdressing chair is even decorated in oak and walnut and upholstered in smooth leather. Some barbershops even have chandeliers and ceilings with frescoes. But even with such high-end equipment, the barbershop is still a comfortable and attractive place. There was a masculine smell everywhere in the shop. As soon as the man entered the barbershop, he knew he was in men's territory.