All About Same-Day Crowns

When a tooth has been broken or damaged, the tooth may require to be crowned and "capped." The cap will restore the appearance and function that the tooth has. The caps for dental use are very strong and are custom fit that covers the entire tooth from an area of the gum.

It was the case that in past times, this procedure involved at least two visits (sometimes three trips) for a visit to the dentist for uncomfortable alignment impressions, temporary crowns, and a wait of one to three weeks for a lab to create your permanent crown.

A breakthrough in digital technology is now making the possibility of same-day dental crowns. The entire process is accomplished in one quick visit with a camera milling machine, and computer into one machine. 

The procedure begins similarly to traditional crowns, namely by preparing the tooth to be used as a cap. First, the tooth is treated with a numbing agent and the tooth is cut to rid the tooth of decay and form it to fit the crown. 

Instead of making impressions of the region using an adhesive-like substance (the process used in traditional crowns) the teeth are lightly sprayed with a reflective white powder. After that, a wand equipped with an integrated camera connected to the computer captures an image of the area. 

Like traditional caps, the same-day caps are very robust and have the appearance natural. They've maintained the same way as your own teeth by regular flossing and brushing, which helps lessen the buildup of dental plaque.