Single Speed Road Bikes Are A Fun Ride

Did you know that there are still many good reasons to ride a single-speed road bike today? For example, they are much simpler than geared bikes. They are also cheaper and lighter than the average geared bike.

Couriers love them because of their simple, single-minded design. It looks like commuters are also getting rid of their geared bikes for a track-inspired, derailleur-free, gear-free bike.

Single-speed bikes have only one chainring on the pedals and one ring on the rear wheel. So it is very easy to drive with no gears to change. Surprisingly, they're also a more enjoyable way to ride, as well as purists who love to ride them. You can also purchase the high-speed bike from

However, it has limitations as you only have one gear ratio when riding a bike. This can become quite a workout, especially if you are more used to riding multiple-speed bikes.

The trick to getting comfortable with a single-speed is getting the gear ratio right for you and the type of riding you do. What I am talking about is the ratio of teeth between the front chainring and rear chainring on your bike. A typical ratio might be a 48 tooth ring on your front crankset and 16 teeth on your rear ring.

The single-speed bike without the transmission in combination with the simple appearance gives it the look and feel of an old road bicycle. This simple bike will be light simply because there are. Not only this, but the bike looks light in appearance.

Many people who ride single-speed road bikes ride for fun and believe they can't get enough of it. Although they would generally be regarded as comfort riders, some also like speed. These bikes can give you both speed and comfort. If you jump on the pedals, these bikes can take off. All you have to do is spin the crank and the bike takes it from there.