What is in a Vape Pen: Parts of a Vape Pen?

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a personal vaporizer with a long, thin shape that resembles a standard pen. Using a battery-operated heating element, the vape pen warms a solution known as e-liquid (or vape juice, or e-juice) until it reaches the point of evaporation.

Once the liquid reaches the target temperature, it turns into a fine, usually fragrant vapor. Unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes, the fountain pen does not produce a cloud of smoke like fog, but money – and is also not associated with the harmful tar and ash that cigarettes are known for. 

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Sometimes referred to as vaporizer pens, fountain pens, steam pans, and even pen-style vapes, this category of vape devices includes a wide variety of styles, colors, power levels, and features. A vape pen can be as compact as an old-school cigarette or closer to a cigar.

Parts of a Vape Pen: Each vape pen is a bit unique, but you can usually count on them to have the same basic components:

  • A battery that serves as a power source for the device.

  • Tanks and nebulizers (or pre-filled capsules) in which the liquid is heated until it evaporates.

  • An indicator that notifies you when it lights up and can also change color depending on the battery level.