What Features Are Available in Intelligent Call Center Software for Agents?

A majority of center solutions offer more features to agents than a supervisor.Nowadays, most in-demand and advanced center software solution is intelligent center software. In this article, I will talk about the top 4 features available in the intelligent center software for agents.

1. Soundboard Avatars

These are pre-recorded voice messages that are saved in the center software. When a call is connected with the customer or prospect, an agent can play these messages with a single click.

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These messages are recorded in different languages by a native speaker. Thus, it helps in improving customer experience by answering him in his native language.

2. Remote agent support

Intelligent call center software offers an amazing range of features. And one of the best ones is remote agent. Unlike traditional center solutions that are bound to use the system even if working remotely. An intelligent call center solution allows the use of the software as well as PSTN number based calling. It means agents can work from anywhere, any time.

3. Voicemail access

Intelligent call center software is the only center solution of its type which gives the voicemail feature to agents. Agents can access these voicemails and take necessary actions such as calling back the customers.