Unique Family Holiday Tradition Ideas

Families have holiday traditions that are just as diverse and unique as their families. Family unity is encouraged by holiday tradition. Family time, sharing meals together, respecting one another, and loving one another is the essence of the holiday season. 

Here are some ideas to help you create a family tradition that is unique and special. These are real family traditions that are enjoyed every year. Even if you have a lot of traditions in your family, a unique holiday tradition can bring some excitement to the holiday season.

Family Matching Pajamas – Get a festive holiday or Christmas themed family pair of pajamas and let the family enjoy holiday baking, Rudolph watching, trimming the tree and opening presents on Christmas morning.

Family Christmas Cards Photo – Taking a family photo to send to loved ones, friends, and family isn't always a joyous task. It can sometimes be a tedious chore marked by grunts or groans. Make the family Christmas card photo fun and you'll be delighted with the results. 

Family Cookie Exchange A cookie exchange party is an enjoyable event that adults can host during the holidays. Invite your whole family to a cookie exchange party with good friends. Make sure the children help to bake the cookies and make the punch!