These are the Best Timber Types for Outdoor Furniture

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Timber has taken up a prominent space in our daily life. It’s there in the flooring of the house, the furniture that goes above it, the fencing, and a lot more. And you would need to choose the right type at least once in a life, be it for new furniture for your place or for starting a timber business. Here’s a list of some best timber types for outdoor furniture.

  • Treated Pine: It’s easy to give a desired shape to the treated pine, making it a popular timber choice for furniture making. Ornate and curved furniture mostly use this variety. In addition, it’s easy to paint and stain on the light shades and textures. Other benefits of treated pine include resistance to decay, moisture, and insects, and affordability.
  • Ironbark: Ironbark is a durable and strong hardwood that’s popular in outdoor furniture making. The species is perfect for a natural and rustic look, imparted by its beautifully interlocked grains and dark colour. Features of ironbark include density and resistance to termites and lyctid borers.
  • Merbau: Another popular selection for outdoor furniture, Merbau has gained traction for its natural durability and strength. What makes it more popular is resistance to termites and lyctid borers, especially in areas where these pests are common. It goes from orange-brown at the time of harvest to dark red-brown with age. Merbau also imparts an unforgettable aesthetic value with its wavy, interlocked grains.

White Mahagony is another popular timber that you can use for outdoor furniture. But if you are planning to raise a private forest to earn from the timber business, you should get a PNF plan first.