Types Of Office Phone Booth

Office phone booths can be placed in office spaces depending on specific needs. Even there are many companies who provide types of phone booths according to your office needs and match with your office layout.

Moreover, the choice of materials will depend on the surrounding space, because the office booth to be installed cannot be alien to the rest of the furniture, but rather integrate to perfection with its colors, materials and finishes.

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Fabric office booths:- For this instance, feature panels covered with fabric that inevitably have to combine with other upholstery like sofas, chairs and armchairs.

Wood office booths:- It can create small discreet corners within open-plan spaces, allowing to obtain a more intimate space adequate to hold meetings or job interviews among colleagues, that demand anyhow a certain level of discretion. This is also possible because they also work as real sound booths, that ensure the privacy of people inside, while not bothering people outside.

Even these office booths used for coffee breaks, phone calls and short meetings with clients. In such cases, the ideal solution is to install best office booths, a great solution to ensure privacy while limiting sound emission to shared space. Indeed it is absolutely necessary to design office booths with integrated lights in order to always have adequate visibility and avoid straining the eyes.