What Do You Want From a Wedding Photographer?

Choosing a photographer today is quite a tough job. There are so many.  There is a self-proclaimed photographer behind every bush with his camera in hand and a broad smile ready to tell you "say cheese" So we have to be selective and carefully consider our choice of professional when often we don't know the first thing about photography.

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How to Hire a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

Check Their Portfolios. Any photographer, worth his salt, will have some samples of his work to show you. Have a look at his or her website. Is Wedding Photography a specialty of theirs? Or do they normally photograph people's prize-winning pets? Ask them to show you other photos too, not just typical Wedding Photos. Wedding photography can become very generic.

It's difficult to be original when there are hundreds of weddings happening all the time. Seeing a variety of his or her work will give you an idea if they can actually think on their feet, be creative and compose a good shot.

This will also eliminate a potential blind spot. Some photographers hire professional models and make-up artists and stylists to set up a "staged" wedding shoot, under pristine conditions, and then promote those images in their portfolios. A very clever idea actually. Super pretty models equal super pretty photos. You need to see actual wedding photos taken in conditions over which there was little or no control.

Meet the Photographer personally. I have been to weddings, as a guest and seen that the bride and groom have only just seen the photographer there and then for the first time. Their whole interaction was web-based and by email. You can only get a true and sincere impression of a person when you are in their company.

If their personality clashes dramatically with your own, believe me, you will see it in your photos. The last thing you want is some chap at your wedding in a torn and dirty T-Shirt which proclaims "Love is a Myth" drawing all the attention which rightly should be on the Bride.