What Does A Closing Lawyer Do In A Real Estate Transaction?

A majority of buyers and sellers utilize an agent in the course of a property purchase. A smaller proportion of buyers and sellers seek out a real estate lawyer. 

Although the majority of deals certainly go through without an issue there are instances where expert legal advice could be beneficial, or even essential. 

Because the majority of issues come up after the deal is completed, a real estate closing lawyer can be brought in to check the legality of the deal.

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Common Services

In contrast to regular property attorneys who concentrate on a greater spectrum of legal issues, the sole job of a closing lawyer is to ensure that the transaction is completed. 

The services he provides are focused on just only that goal. Here are some of the tasks that closer will need to complete.

Reviewing Title Records

Because they are complicated transactions, it is possible to make mistakes in previous sales that can delay a sale. A property lawyer needs to look through the record of the property's title to determine if there's anything that could cause the contract to be invalidated. 

Solving Problems

If a problem is found during the inspection process and the closing attorney has to address the issue. For instance, if the house was a tax lien on it then he should have resolved the issue before the sale could begin.

If the lawyer is not able to settle the issue by enlisting the assistance of the owner currently in charge then the sale won't be completed.