Salt is one of the most basic and familiar spices in the world. However, not many people aware of the miracle usage of this spice.

  1. Clean the dirty iron

Step 1:

– You turn on the iron at high temperatures. Then, you sprinkle a layer of salt on the surface of a waterproof paper or an old newspaper.

Step 2:

– You use the above iron on the layer of salt up and down for about one minute. Salt will take away all the dirty spots in the iron and the iron will become shiny again.

  1. Stop fire when you are cooking

How to do:

When you come to the kitchen and find that your pan has high fire, you need to rush to take a bag of salt and spray salt on the surface of the pan. The fire will be gone away.

  1. Clean the burning pan

How to do:

You sprinkle a layer of salt into the pan and then add a little of water into this pan. It will help the burn marks to be removed easily. You leave the pan with this mixture for about 5 minutes and wash it again with water as usual.

  1. Clean the dirty dishwasher pieces

How to do:

You mix 2 small bowls of water with ΒΌ bowl of salt and stir this mixture. Then, you soak the dishwasher pieces into the mixture and leave it overnight. Tomorrow morning when you wake up, the dishwasher pieces will be fresh again.

  1. Clean the surface of the bathtub and sink

How to make:

– You mix a bowl of salt with a bowl of pine oil. You should wear gloves to protect your hands and remember to open the door or window because the mixture has bad smell.

– You stir the mixture and apply it to the surface of brush. Then, you rub the brush to clean the bathtub or the sink. I am sure that the bathtub and sink will be shiny again quickly.

  1. Clean the drainage holes for the bathtub and sink

Step 1:

– You remove all hair and dirty things on the surface of the drainage hole. Then, you mix salt and baking soda with percentage 1:1 and pour this mixture into the drainage hole.

Step 2:

– Continues, you pour a half bowl of white vinegar into the drainage hole. The chemical reactions of these materials will help to clean the drainage hole of the bathtub and sink.

Step 3:

– You wait for 15 minutes and then pour a pot of hot water into the drainage hole. The drainage hole will be cleaned totally.

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