Do you want to make delicious popcorn at home but you do not know how to do it properly? This topic will help you to know how to make delicious popcorn at home.

Introduces how to make popcorn at home

Preparation of materials to make popcorn at home

– 100g of dry maize kernels

– 200g of sugar

– 50g of butter

– 10ml vegetable oil

– 50ml water

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Some recipes of latkes that You Can cook and save

In the busy occasion season, you may be afraid that you do not have enough time to prepare the latkes. Why you do not make it in advance and use the best vacuum sealer to preserve it for later? By this method, you can cook it with a lot of care and seal it with your love inside. And you can share the latkes with your family and friends later in one month.

Potato Latkes

When you have spare time, you can do this recipe very easy. When you are finished this dish, you need to let the latkes cool down completely. Then, you use the vacuum sealer to store this taste and delicious dish for future use.

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Fruit juice is very good for people’s health. With attractive color and delicious taste, fruit juice is always considered as one of the best beverage. However, there are many people who have bad habits such as drinking fruit juice at any time they feel thirsty. This bad habit will affect their health. How to drink fruit juice properly to have the best result is also a very important thing. So do you know how to do yet? Let’s learn with us today in this topic.

Some things need to know when making and drinking fruit juice.

  1. You should make fruit juice by yourself

Most of people like to buy available fruit juice in the stores to drink to save the time of processing. The fact that the fruit juice in the market is not good for our health as it has lost a lot of nutrient ingredients in the fruits. So if you have free time, you should buy fruits and make fruit juice at home to drink. It is better for your health. Continue with reading


On hot summer days, a sweet watermelon will be favorite dessert for the whole family. Watermelon has many benefits such as it is very cool to eat directly and it can slake your thirst with some watermelon juice. However, it is not easy to choose a fresh, rip but not rotten or dry watermelon at all. Therefore, we share with you some tips to choose a perfect watermelon to enjoy in the hot summer coming.

  1. Watermelon rind

A tasty watermelon should have a smooth and stretch rind outside. The veins should be clear with blue and black colors. Especially, when you press into the rind by hand, a good watermelon should be the one with hard rind. Continue with reading