There are thousands of different kinds of golf courses in the world. Each golf course has its own characteristics such as terrain, scenery, the quality of service and fee charge… With these factors, finding a suitable golf course will become more difficult with the golfers. One of the equipment can help you to get acquaint with each type of golf course is the best GPS golf watch. However, in order to help the golfers easier in searching golf course, classification is divided into 3 main categories: classification by participation right, classification by size and length, classification by terrain and environment.

  1. Classification by participation rights:

This type is divided into 4 different categories, they are:

– Public Golf Course (Public Course): This is a golf course for everyone without membership fee and the players just have to pay the green fee. Anyone can afford to fee charge to play golf. This type of golf course is popular in the developed countries. It is often built by state or local government in order to create conditions for all citizens can play golf.

– Relaxation Golf Course (Resort Course): This type is a combination of golf course and a resort around. Members and resort guests have priority to tee time at the main hours while other players have to pay high fee to play with limited hours. Continue with reading


While there is nothing rather similar to outdoor running, bad weather conditions maybe makes it unattainable. For a windy or rainy day, there is your reliable treadmill. If you are a new runner, we have a running exercise for you.

Getting started: Whether you are a new runner, then you should have a go with 30-minute workout with the treadmill for a beginner. This exercise integrates running and walking to make the heart speed up while also preparing the body for speed and distance. If you have a feeling that this exercise is too hard or easy, then you should work out with the pace, but make sure to take some time for your body to modify with the physical demand of the first time running. When you are prepared, try to perform a 350-calorie If you want a shorter exercise, then you could try a 20-minute exercise with a treadmill for the beginner.

Walking and jogging exercise: When you have a more comfortable feeling on a treadmill, then you should try to combine jogging and walking in your exercises. In a 1-hour exercise, we mix up between slow running, jogging and quick walking; the main purpose is to burn about 350 calories. If you do not have so much time, then a 40-minute exercise would be a proper choice for you. Continue with reading