There are thousands of different kinds of golf courses in the world. Each golf course has its own characteristics such as terrain, scenery, the quality of service and fee charge… With these factors, finding a suitable golf course will become more difficult with the golfers. One of the equipment can help you to get acquaint with each type of golf course is the best GPS golf watch. However, in order to help the golfers easier in searching golf course, classification is divided into 3 main categories: classification by participation right, classification by size and length, classification by terrain and environment.

  1. Classification by participation rights:

This type is divided into 4 different categories, they are:

– Public Golf Course (Public Course): This is a golf course for everyone without membership fee and the players just have to pay the green fee. Anyone can afford to fee charge to play golf. This type of golf course is popular in the developed countries. It is often built by state or local government in order to create conditions for all citizens can play golf.

– Relaxation Golf Course (Resort Course): This type is a combination of golf course and a resort around. Members and resort guests have priority to tee time at the main hours while other players have to pay high fee to play with limited hours.

– Semi-private golf course (Semi-private Course): This type is a combination of form of members and visitors. The golfers can choose to play golf with daily fee or purchase a membership card.

– Private golf course (Private Course): This type of golf course is only used for the members and guests of members. This type of golf courses often has high membership fees to limit the number and ensure quality of service and privacy needs of the members.

  1. Classification by the size and length:

This type is classified into some different categories such as:

– Golf 18 holes: This type of golf course is considered as the standard in the world. 18 – hole golf courses with traditional characteristic is designed with nine holes forward and nine holes backward. The total length of this golf course is quite diverse (length must be at least 5,200 yards and par 66) and the length also need to depend on the number of par 3, 4, 5 and its length.

– Golf 9 holes: 9 – hole golf course has less area than 18 holes and just has only 9 holes to play but it still has enough standard par 3, 4 and 5 with a prescribed length. To play a round of 18 holes at this golf course, the players have to play twice.

– Practice Golf Course (Executive course): This type of golf course has only 9 hole as 9 – hole golf course but it is designed with a standard par 3 and some par 4 or par 5.

– Par-3 Golf Course: This type of golf course has nine holes but is designed with only standard par 3 holes. This golf course is very suitable for the beginners to play golf because it is easy to control the distance and practice strokes of short ball.

– Approach course: This type of golf course is the same design as par – 3 golf course but distance of each hole will be shorter. This type is suitable for players who want to practice pitching and chipping.

In part 2, I will introduce you the third classification of golf course in the world and some types of golf course. Let’s read with us.

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