All About Capsules Manufacturing

The medical industry began using capsules in 1968 as an alternative to tablets. Hard-shelled capsules are the most popular type of capsule. These capsules often contain dry powdered ingredients. These capsules are divided into two halves. The smaller "body" is filled with the contents and sealed using a larger cap.

What is the source of capsules?

Capsules are usually made of gelling agents such as gelatin and plant derivatives. Nutritional supplement manufacturers are usually hired for the manufacturing of supplements like capsules, tablets, etc.

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Gelatin is created by boiling down parts of cattle. After boiling down the bones, hoofs, and connective tissue, cold water is used to cool it and allow it to expand in cool temperatures. After the process is completed, the remaining substance is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. This can then be made into gel capsules which are used every day by consumers.

How are capsules made?

Two capsule manufacturing machines are available at the Supplement Factory. One is semi-automatic and one is fully automated.

A semi-automatic machine is used in conjunction with a human worker. Factory associates place capsule shells inside a capsule plate according to the size of the capsule they are making. The powders are then sucked into the machine. After filling the larger capsules, the caps of each capsule are placed on top and pressed down. The plate is removed and the capsules are packed into bags.

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