An Informative Guide on Table Tennis Brands

The table you choose when playing table tennis is very important and it should be made of waterproof materials. Traditional table tennis tables were made of wood and this type of table is suitable for indoor usage. The surface of your table must be anti-glare.

There are a few table tennis brands that are given below:

  • Butterfly table tennis table:

The Butterfly has a variety of tables to choose from. Butterfly offers both outdoor and indoor table tennis table, depending on how much money you want to spend. Butterfly table tennis table offers strategies that can improve your game.

These are common features that Butterfly can offer to enhance your table tennis experience. When you purchase a particular butterfly pong table, you are more likely to receive other attractive additions to enhance your performance.

  • Stiga table tennis table: 

Stiga became well-known for its high-quality table tennis paddles and tables all over the world. Stiga table tennis tables are known all over the world for their outstanding performance and lightweight.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Stiga table tennis tables were recognized for their steady bounce. This table offers long-term reliability. It is a well-known table tennis brand all around the world and was founded in 1944. These tables are portable and are perfect for your home or office.